Editorial Policies

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División de Estudios de Posgrado e Investigación
Instituto Tecnológico de Oaxaca

Biannual publication of regional and technological development reports

Editorial Policies

The journal will publish articles, research papers, reviews and miscellaneous entries. The first three should fulfil the established requirements for each category. Miscellaneous entries cover a wide range of topics and will be published according to the criteria of the editor and of a specially selected committee. Authors have to clearly specify the type of text they are submitting:

-Texts have to be original, unpublished and currently non-candidates for publication in any other electronic journal or printed magazine.

-Texts will be published mainly in Spanish but contributions in English and French are welcome.

-The diverse points of view expressed in the written articles, published by this journal, will be the responsibility of the authors. These may not necessarily concur with the policies of the Division de Estudios de Posgrado e Investigación (DEPI) of the Instituto Tecnológico de Oaxaca (ITO).

-The total or partial reproduction of articles published in the journal “Desarrollo Regional y Tecnológico” may be authorized, as long as the information sources are properly quoted and if there is no lucrative motive in its usage. 

Directory board of the Instituto Tecnológico de Oaxaca:

Director: Dr. Juan Cruz Nieto

Academic Assistant Director: L.I. Eduardo Castañón Olguín

Administrative Assistant Director: Ing. José Antonio González Zamudio

Planning Assistant Director: Ing. Bernardo Somohano González

Chief of (DEPI): Dra. Yadira Gochi Ponce

Editor: Dr. Enrique Martínez y Ojeda

Editor in Charge of the Electronic Edition:

Registry ISNN:

Editorial Comitee:

Alfredo Ruiz Martínez

Alma Dolores Pérez Santiago

Andrés Enrique Miguel Velasco

Anselmo Arellanes Meixueiro

Blasa Celerina Cruz Cabrera

Eduardo Pérez campos

Enrique Martínez y Ojeda

Felipe de Jesús Palma Cruz

Fernando Chiñas Castillo

Jorge Antonio Acevedo Martínez

Julio Cesar Torres Valdez

Maricela Castillo Leal

Margarito Martínez Cruz

Pedro Osmary Castillo Villa

Rafael G. Reyes Morales

Raúl Enríquez Valencia 

External editorial comitee

Jaime Melchor Aguilar

John Corbett

Ana Luz Ramos Soto

Juan Regino Maldonado

Martha W. Rees

Salomon Nahmad Shittón

Paola Ma. Sesia

Aims and scope of the journal

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